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Example of Metatron's Cube in Nature

This next video deals with Metatron. Just who or what is Metatron? According to mid-evil mythology, Metatron was an Arch Angel who was a scribe of God.  I was somewhat surprised to hear that because I have never heard the name, nor have I been taught about this in my local church.

Since I am not much into coming to a conclusion and more about presenting the geometry, Metatron’s Cube is a geometric pattern that holds all five of the Platonic forms. Gilchrist tells us in this video that based on this geometric pattern, consciousnesses of thought is the beginning of creating the physical mass.

This is where the theory, or myth, of Metatron the angel comes in. He is believed to be the scribe of God. Meaning that the thoughts of God dictated become manifest in the third dimension.

Is there really an angel known as Metatron, or is he the scribe of God? I do not know. What I do know is when the word goes out it performs the intent and does not come back void. After having watched these first five videos I can picture God conceiving a thing and it manifesting in our world via the Anu in the first video. Call it a dimensional converter, if you will.

Send me a shout out about the mythology of Metatron. Is it wheat or tare? Does it even matter to you?